What do you do with my slides?


The Digital Pen has special equipment designed specifically for scanning slides and negatives.  (You can't scan slides or negatives with a traditional flat-bed scanner.)  When that's done, we can create a dynamic DVD slideshow of the images, complete with music (if desired) or simply have them printed.

And if some of those slides are damaged, we may be able to fix them with our photo restoration services.


Why should I have my slides scanned?


When's the last time you saw a slide projector?  And even if you (or your parents) still have one, does it work?  Wouldn't it be nice to have the images archived on a CD, DVD, or printed?  Also, unless they're stored properly, temperature, humidity, and simple age can take a toll on slides.  These are precious memories you don't want lost forever!

How much does it cost?


Each scanned slide is $1.  The minimum order is $35.  This cost includes one or the other:


  • 1 - 4 x 6 print of each slide

  • 1 - CD of all images


If you would also like a DVD slideshow, the additional cost is $35.  Duplicate DVDs are $15 each.


Contact us for more information!


Can I see examples?


Sure.  Here are a few slides we scanned.  Click each for a larger view.

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Scanned slide

Scanned slide of the Clocktower in Rome, GA.