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What do you do with my pictures?


The Digital Pen hand scans your photos and special papers (meaning, they never leave our office).  Once the images are in the computer, we'll color correct them if necessary.  When that's done, we create a dynamic DVD slideshow of the images, complete with music (if desired).


Do you work with slides?


Yes!  We can scan your slides (which is not something you can do with a regular scanner) and incorporate them into DVD slideshows!


Why should I have my photos scanned and made into a DVD slideshow?


Think about how precious photographs and special documents (like report cards, certificates, diplomas) are.  And how fragile.  These items can get ripped, lost, stained, faded, burned...the list goes on.


What are the advantages of a DVD slideshow over a regular photo album?


Consider how difficult it is to pull those huge, bulky photo albums from the shelf and share them.  It's not easy to get several folks around a table to look at an album.  But it's much easier to pop a DVD into your player and enjoy the pictures with a large group!

On the same disc, we'll also put the scanned photos in a separate folder.  This way, you can create prints right from the DVD! This also guarantees their longevity as you can store the DVD in a safe deposit box for future generations to enjoy.


Have hundreds or thousands of pictures in a shoebox?  No problem.  And if some of those photos are damaged, we can fix those with our photo restoration services.


How much does it cost?


Each scanned image is $1.  If the images are already in a digital format, it's $.50 each.  The minimum order is $35 for scanning.  The slideshow DVD is $35.  Duplicate DVDs are $15 each.

Contact us for more information!

How do I get my pictures to you?

The Digital Pen is a home-based business.  So we try to meet folks in a convenient location in and around Rome, GA.  Often, we'll meet in the Rome Braves parking lot, for example.  Just contact us and we'll set up a time and place!

Can I see an example?


Sure.  This is a short example of a much longer DVD slideshow we did to help a family celebrate their daughter's high school graduation.

john wayne restored photograph
What do
How do I get my pictures to you?
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